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About St. Paul

"I give you this charge: preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke, and encourage—with great patience and careful instruction."  2 Timothy 4:1b-2


With this passage from the letter to Timothy as the foundation of discussion and prayer, St. Paul Lutheran Seminary was formed early in the summer of 2011.

Why Saint Paul Lutheran Seminary?

Saint Paul Lutheran Seminary exists to provide churches with exceptional education and mission resources.  Churches with a commitment to confessional Lutheran education and a passion for the Great Commission require a trusted source to reinforce their work, an institution that is  responsive to their needs and accountable to their expectations. Working closely with advisors from many disciplines and across traditions, SPLS continues to develop an institution that is:

  • Theologically Sound
  • Educationally Credible
  • Contextually Appropriate

Why Saint Paul Lutheran Seminary?

It’s about servant leaders!

At SPLS our students are trained for service in the church and the world, by leaders with contextual experience, leaders who know the value of real-life applications in the learning process.  This “Paul-Timothy” model is a classic approach to preparing  servant leaders for the church, recognizing the expertise and experience of those already serving in such capacities as vital to the education of the next generation of pastors, missionaries and church leaders.  The goal of SPLS is to provide the church and the student with generational experience, with “field” experience and with a passion for excellence in carrying out the mission of the Gospel.


It’s about the Lutheran witness!

The good news, that sinners have been reconciled to God through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, is central to all that we do at SPLS.  The gospel witness found in the Lutheran Confessional tradition is the Word of life and hope that our world needs to hear.  A firm grounding in this vibrant theological tradition gives our students  a strong foundation on which to build a life of witness and service.  At SPLS we embrace the theological tradition entrusted to us, recognizing that God’s Word is a Living Word, speaking to ever-changing contexts.

It’s about the Great Commission!

The education at SPLS all drives toward preparing men and women to proclaim the Gospel clearly and effectively in a variety of contexts. At SPLS we are committed to: equipping students to speak to the cultural context in which they find themselves, preparing them to engage their communities, inspiring them to faithful witness and encouraging them to empower others.


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St. Paul Lutheran Seminary Board


                     Chair: Rev. Brian Crocker

                     Rev. Greg Brandvold

                     Rev. Jon Jensen

                     Rev. Dr. Mark Menacher

                     Steve Paula

                     Rev. Julie Smith

                     Rev. Dr. Erwin Spruth

                     Fred Wadsworth

                     Charles Hunsaker

                     Rev. Dr. James Cavanah

                     Rev. Jeff Teeples

                     Rev. Michael Hanson


                     Teaching Faculty

                   Dr. James A. Nestingen
                   Dr. Marney Fritts
                   Rev. Dr. Dennis DiMauro
                   Rev. Julie Smith
                   Rev. Virgil Thompson
                   Rev. Brad Hales
                   Rev. Dr. Cathi Braasch
                   Rev. Dr. Erwin Spruth
                   Rev. Steven King
                   Rev. Dr. Allen Schoonover

                   Rev. Dr. Orrey McFarland

                   Rev. Horacio Castillo

                   Rev. Amanda Olson de Castillo